Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Big Issue Bin Men

I started the day with two weetabix, two rashers of smoked back, four slices of Warburtons thick white sliced, two cups of tea, a cup of coffee and a fag. Diet of Champions. Shouted at the bin-men and then signed "Mary the Virgin" for a parcel for the downstairs flat. The postman looked bemused.

Once shoe laces were tied I headed to the train station to buy a ticket for tomorrow's gig in East London and so meandered past my favourite Big Issue sellar on Cornmarket, the high street bit of Oxford. He is a comic performer and quite often as I walk up Cornmarket, he is hurling mild/moderate abuse at the stupid public. Anyway, on this occasion, three pensioner women in their early seventies were walking past the Big Issue Man and he said "Morning Girls!" to which they replied,
"Ooh, we like girls!"
"Comin' out dancin' with me tonight?" he retorted
"Oh, not sure 'bout that!" they giggled.

"POLE DANCING!" He blirted.

They strode on looking more shocked than amused. But it certainly tickled me.

Anyway, got the train tickets: not too expensive for only one day in advance. However, I always debate the point of buying a ticket for the return journey because there are never guards on the train back from Paddington after 11pm. I'm not gonna risk it this time...or am I? Answers on a postcard (of a fat, lard-white woman sprawled across a tar black beach in Torquay, please.

George's Gigs:


Saturday 24th Oct

London Poetry Systems @ The Isis Tavern, down on the river, Oxford.
Starts 6pm

Wednesday 4th November

A strange authors night
me and other people
@ The Corner Club, 16 Turl Street, Oxford
8pm upstairs.

Wednesday 11th

Cafe Tarifa, Cowley Road, Oxford
short slot

December 4th Friday

Organised by Apples & Snakes @
Queens Theatre,
Barnstaple, North Devon
8pm out of sloes. Off to the Rusty Bicycle.
bye, g xx

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