Sunday, 17 February 2008

Good evening worthy followers,

Hope the weekend treated you all well and that unlike me, none of your genitals have dropped off as a result of frost-bite.

Cockless 'Ku
Directing one's wee
now proves tricky. So I just
release, hope and pray.

...Not exactly Keats. But if I'm honest, it was a bit of an after thought, really. Didn't take many days to construct.

So, firstly (or secondly) my apologies for not posting for sometime. You must all feel lost. Directionless. Empty. Georgeless. But in my defence, I did spend a fair bit of time over the last week
adding bits to a blog as I felt (inspired?) the need. But technical problems pervailed meaning the lot wiped and so I gave up, have sulked and sworn since not to bother with this damn blogging lark ever again. But I've since picked myself up and decided to blog-on regardless.

Um, secondly (or thirdly) a huge thanks to all of you, regular readers (all three of you) and others, for the support with viewing and forwarding on of my You Tube link. 281 views, three comments and one potential stalker in just 6 days since it was first up-loaded. Secondly (thirdly or fourthly) a gigantically massive thank you to Richard Butchins who took the time to come along and record me at The Wheatsheaf and for then editing and helping me post it. Richard has several blogs (links from) "Angelsstandcorrected" accessible by clicking on link down the right hand side of my page. He has been working for the last 18 months on a documentary film entitled "American Freak Show". Check out the trailer - amusing and touching and has had much interest shown by the National Press and Bafta, even!

Thirdly, (fourthly or fifthly?) thank you Xander for aiding me recently in my sorry financial state. I thoroughly enjoyed the tin-foiled hot cross buns;- kept 'em pretty damn fresh, they were lovely toasted! However, the garlic butter didn't do them much justice. Certainly taught me not to steal, mind.

And as for last night; the lamb was delicious, the sloe gin, superb! A fine evening; thank you both.

Now for the arse flogging: Hard to beleive, I know, but I (George Chopping) have actually reached a point in my life where I might even have to start keeping a diary! Typically, the last few weeks (proceeding my filling out of my holiday leave form from the shelves) was the start of people starting to take an interest and beginning to invite me to come and perform in places, all over the world...
...or (East) Oxford even. Here are some dates:

Mon 25th Feb - (part of a comedy line-up) Launch Party for OxFringe. - Oxford Castle, Hythe Bridge Street, OXFORD. Details to follow.

Fri 7th Mar - Apple & Snakes presents: "The Book Bites Back" Celebrating World Book Day. (Three poets and me).

At: The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, LONDON, SE8 4AG.

...and that's it until the next time. I need to wash, eat and get this posted before it deletes. I shall post further dates next time.

Aha! Actually, before I go, I mentioned before, the Radio 4 programme that Xander co-researched, "The Museum of Curiosity" featuring John Lloyd (producer of "Spitting Image", "Blackadder", "Not the Nine O'clock News...etc") and the genius comedian, Bill Bailey ("Black Books" blabla.) A great concept involving Profs and comics...And, well, listen and see for yourself. First broadcast is at 18:30 on Wednes. Immediately accessible to listen to on the web, the second the show finishes.

Right, have a good week. I'm off to read a book on grammar and comma abuse.