Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Aliteration, My Bowels And Ben's Big Gig

The other day my Primary School Teaching girl-friend explained what aliteration means. Without realising it, I had used it in my poems on numerous occassions in the past. It gives wonderful flow and rhythm. Towards the end of her explanation I thought up the following line: "The feisty flight of fledglings fleetingly flew through forest Firs', and with raised eyebrows she said "Yes George," and walked off to make more mint tea.

So, things have been alright my end: several good gigs and one horrible one. From performing to an audience of families to that of black clothed Goths waiting in the "moshpit" for the next metal band to come on. I enjoyed the former performance to nearly 200 people and the latter to 18 people just as much. Both were as equally enjoyable and were brilliant experience for crafting my set to suit the very different types and size of audience. But inbetween I compered an event down in London that wasn't so fun. I didn't feel great (physically) before hand but excuses, excuses! After the first 8 minutes I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I totally bombed in the opening ten minutes but then gradually brought it back as the night drew on. It was a strange old night. Just watch the nervous arm movements - trying to find that non-existent pocket, perhaps?

Anyway, the next thing is

on: Friday (1st May - two days time)
at: The Northwall Arts Centre, Summertown, Oxford.
KO: 8pm
(I'm compering and bangin' out some verse inbetween acts. The night is called "Ben's Big Gig").

Curated/organised/sorted out by Xander Cansell, it's an amalgamation of the best of Ben Walker, (singer/songwriter of Christmas No.1 You Tube Hit equivalent, "You're No One If You're Not On Twitter" and "Hugh Fearnley Whittinstall - A Tribute") and his band. Ben and Xander are fellow geeks who've both got microchips actually imbedded in their penises. So with the aid of their technologically advanced willies the 220 seater venue will be wired up to the hilt with booths and stuff and wires and stuff and even more wires so as to enable it to be streamed live to the internet on the night. God knows how they do this stuff but it sounds great! Actually, coming to think of it, I ought to try and find out and actually learn/understand details of this concept before having to explain it to the audience!

Anyway, Ben Walker plays solo but also as part of a trio, avec bass and percussion;- all with Jekyll and Hyde type musically flexible instrument swappingly talented men and hence doing everything from Wallpaper Jazz to Folky Pop. Technically perfect, tunefully thoughtful, observational, touching, satirical and funny' are nine words I'd use to describe Mr Walker's work. Other Acts include The Funky Llamas and the brilliantly funny Tom Greeves.

Ear are some tasters of Ben's bits:


from the North Wall box office (01865 319450)

or from

off for some menthe chaud.

Bye. x

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