Thursday, 24 January 2008

Flowers for Beadle

Good Evening,

Now, I have posted three blogs so far, all on different days with the hope that you can get an idea of how things are going in my world, on an on-going (don't care whether that is hyphenated or not) basis. BUT (again, lovely use of capitalisation) for some reason, not only are the times of each blog coming up as if I'm writing in the same time zone as that of The Emerald City or bloody Kansas but as if they are all written on the same day. Well, I'm not complaining; just explaining. Ignore the date and time. Each blog is from a different day.

Anyway, as I said, I'm not complaining about this little '' blemish since I have been so sweetly advised in a totally unsarcastic tone by one of my eight PA's in the New York office, Mishka (Polish for "dirty kitten" in muddy paws/mischievous NOT as in 'kitten that likes to have his back-door cat flap kicked in.) who responded to my question (of how to overcome this time/date issue,) with, and I quote: "So then why don't you write and complain to '' because after all, this great facility of being able to publish your writings to the whole world within seconds, is after all for FREE!"

So, you must have read about the passing away of poor Jeremy Beadle. I felt quite guilty this morning when I read the headlines, about all the times when he hosted that absolute classic, "You've been Framed" and my Sisters and I would point and laugh hysterically at....................
his hand.

In all sincerity; RIP Jeremy.

So the shed days are nearly done and from Jericho I flee and to pastures new I do migrate. So to the new abode I cometh. Central heating, internet and a 37 second walk away from the Iffley Road bus route to Sains. I will be able to catch the 4a, 4b, OR 4c OR 4d (small bra sizes but great buses) Bingo! With this choice of buses to catch everyday, everyday will start as a fun the shelves.

Anyhow I'm going out for a cigarette now but if you happen to read this tonight and before 8pm (04:58 Kansas time) then come along to the Corner Club (ex-Qi Club), 16 Turl St, (Broad St end) because there are three comedians on. £5 entry (that's not a euphinism) and by the sounds of it these guys are good.

On a final note, I was recorded at the Wheatsheaf Comedy Club by Richard Butchins (access his blogs through his previously posted comments; "angels...) and the quality of the recording is fairly sexual so I shall pop a link through to You Tube once it's been cut-up and edited etc. Keep posted for that bad boy.

Going to sign off today with a short little ditty in the form of a Haiku. 'Tis one about real love and is entitled:


They say my poems
aren't flowery...but I'd like
to fuck a florist.



John said...

My favourite movie scene of all time begins at 5mins38seconds. This does have relevance to your blog, it's not some adolescent "look at my top 10 makeovers EVER!" list for you to salivate over (though I'm sure you wouldn't object to that).

John said...

In the words of Ultranick91, "He's so beautiful." We miss you already Jeremy, like the mole removed from my back.

Euan said...

George - sorry I'm late. Been quaffing a few Paltrows. Just the odd schooner, you see.
Hurrah for your new blogging existence.
Marry me

Uncle Poo