Thursday, 20 March 2008

Thursday, 6 March 2008

One new poem, two haiku, a couple of dates and a review for you

Evening all,
Hope this finds you well.
Firstly, a poem:

Bleached /Blonde Dogs

Just outside the canteen fire exit
smoking on the path.
Trying to block out the husky guffaw of
Maggie from Bakery
and the illiterate shrieks
from the girls off check-outs.
All of them, stood slunched
in a military line-up,
sheltering behind the pillars
from the gust coming off the roundabout.

Yellow butts and scrunched coffee cups
litter the concrete path,
just off which, stand a cluster of heads
of dew drenched, snow white Snow Drops
- swaying in the breeze on their elf green stems.
Seven of them.
Dwarfed by the bushes, plants and trees
through which I see'd,
approaching the roundabout, a white van
with written on the side:
"Dial a Dog Wash".


Here's the link to my first review. No idea whether it'll work but please try clicking on it:

Now for a few new Haiku:

Mother's Day

Clambering over
garden wall. Daffodils clenched.
It's the thought that counts.

12 Words Worth

On the 12th of March
Snow Drops heads' shrivel up but
Daffodils flourish.

Poetry in Lotion

When I run out of
aqueous emollient,
Goose fat suffices.


Right then, off to bed in a minutes but first, here are a few dates for your diary of when I'm performing next. So:

Tomorrow night (Friday 7th)

At: The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, SE8 4AG.
The event is called: "The Book Bites Back" . There will be about four other performers incl. Daljit Nagra who wrote "Look We Have Coming to Dover".
K.O. 8pm

Easter Monday (24th March)

At: The Poetry Cafe, Betterton Street, Covent Garden.
Supporting John Hegley (T.B.C. so please check Time-Out London closer to the time for details...)

Saturday 29th March

At: The Port Mahon, St Clements, Oxford.
The event is called: "Minty Fresh". (Christ knows why).
Part of Oxfringe; a comedy line-up of me and two others.
K.O. 8pm - £4 .

So there you have it. Hope you or some of your London/Oxford dwelling chums can get to one of them.
Cheers for reading and see you anon!